Our Naturally Leavened Breads 

Adding flavor, texture and wholeness to the bread you eat

 While doing reserach on diet at it relates to some health issues I ran across a body of knowledge regarding the use of sour dough in making bread more "digestible".    According to this body of knowledge, using sour dough and a process that allows the bread to ferment a minmum of 8 hours at temperatures between 42-48 degrees F break down the proteins in the bread into a highy digestible and healthier food product.  Indeed some would say "different" food product all together.  There is really very little resemblance between naturally leavend breads and the breads that are commercially yeasted, mass produced and sold all over the country, except maybe their shape. 

It's this belief, that bread can be a healthy, beautiful, delicious and life sustaining part of your diet,  that inspired us to create Liberation Bakery.  Our goal is to provide you with naturally bread that you love to eat. 
Being liberated, we have no set store hours or a brick and mortar location.  We sell at farmers markets and thru a weekly email.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact us at [email protected]
We're licensed through the State of Minnesota Cottage Industry Laws.  We bake out of our home kitchen, which has been not inspected.  All baked goods are baked by
Kathleen Busche
7 1/2 West Superior St
Du;uth, MN 55802
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Hours of Operation
Being liberated ..we don't have regular hours or even a storefront.  If you would like to join our email order list contact us at [email protected]​​