Our Products

  1. Naturally Leavened Bread
    Naturally Leavened Bread
    We specialize in naturally-leaven breads that use our Uncensored Levain and fermentation times of 8-12 hours to create a tasty , beautiful and easily digestible loaf. bread
  2. Traditonal Breads
    Traditonal Breads
    Who can deny the pull of a bread you ate as a child or enjoyed at holiday gatherings. Our Traditional Breads include light and airy yeasted breads and hearty Nordic loaves.
  3. Treats for coffe or tea
    Treats for coffe or tea
    The Swedish have a tradition of Fika (a break with coffee and something to eat). We can provide you with a Fika treat in the form of pastries, tea cakes,scones &cookies.
Hours of Operation
Being liberated ..we don't have regular hours or even a storefront.  If you would like to join our email order list contact us at [email protected]​​